FAQ about Carpets Please services in London

Below, you find some important questions that many of our customers usually ask our consultants or the helpful cleaners:

How soon can I receive my carpet clean and at home?

Our carpet cleaning company does not require from you to bring the carpet either to our office or to any other place. The cleaners come themselves, to your property address. You are not even required to move the furniture for better carpet access. This is all our job. The carpet is cleaned directly in your home. The moment you can use it again depends on the cleaning method we apply. And the cleaning method is selected regarding the carpet type. Delicate and natural carpets are cleaned with a dry remedy. They become usable immediately after the procedure. Manufactured and very old or dirty carpets are cleaned with hot water extraction method. The carpet becomes usable within 1-4 hours. Upon request, we can apply quick dry system for faster drying.

What is the difference between rug cleaning service and carpet cleaning service?

Carpets are mainly manufactured. Although, there are natural and more delicate items, too. In all cases, carpets can be cleaned with dry and with the steam method. Rugs are always hand-knotted, risky for moisture-based cleaning, luxurious and expensive. They are always cleaned with dry remedies. Rugs are in most cases natural and delicate.

What is the payment procedure?

Prices are announced in GBP and in most cases they depend on the item type and the duration of time that will be needed.The free quotation is always given to each customer depending on his needs and requirements. There is no payment for booking or in advance. You pay only when the procedure is done and over. Payment methods are flexible and various. We accept cash and standard credit and debit cards.

What is included in the upholstery cleaning service?

Unlike standard upholstery cleaning, our service is more complex. We accept all upholstery types: including sofas, armchairs, chairs and dining chairs, stools. The service can be for both: commercial and residential purpose. The service includes material refreshment (if leather, rejuvenation), stain removal and bad odor removal.

Are your cleaning services really safe?

Yes, they are. Every service from our portfolio comes with insurance included in the price. In case of any omission or damage, our carpet cleaning company will take the responsibility to cover them up. In addition to this, the cleaners are also fully vetted and insured. There is no risk either for your property or for your personal belongings even if you decide not to remain in the property during the procedure.

Don`t hesitate to contact us to ask your personal question, if you don`t find the necessary information or answer above or anywhere on the page. We will be happy to consult you on everything regarding our hassle-free cleaning services. Use this phone number 020 3404 6460 at any time!