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Our carpet cleaning company in London offers a big variety of high-quality cleaning services at budget-friendly prices. We present our prices in GBP and with VAT included. All the officially announced prices and deals are the final fees you need to pay for a certain service. The price also includes fees for cleaning equipment. There is no extra charging for weekends or holidays. Do not forget that we work 365 days – with no exceptions!

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If you order a second or a third cleaning service in London with us, we promise to grant you with a special discount. All regular and loyal customers also receive promotional price packages. We also have regular deals for some of our services once in a while, so don`t forget to check out official page occasionally. Real estate agencies and landlords receive special prices, too!

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Carpets Please remind you that you can call us at any convenient for you time. We provide free quotes and free consultations about our top-notched and detailed cleaning services. You can opt for both: commercial and residential cleaning services at fraction of the cost. To get more detailed information about out prices and deals, give us a call right away. You can call us on this phone number 020 3404 6460. Do not hesitate to get in touch via the direct online booking form on our official website, too. In all cases, we are always prepared and ready to give you further information about the promotional prices and deals we have. Hurry up and require an offer when you call us!

Price List

Carpet Steam CleaningOld PriceNew Price
Lounge (12×12 feet) £29 £27
Dining room (12×12 feet) £29 £27
Through Lounge (28×12 feet) £52 £47
Hallway (10x4 feet) £14 £13
Staircase (Up to 14 steps) £29 £27
Bedrooms (10×10 feet) £24 £22
2 Bedroom House £125 £109
3 Bedroom House £148 £129
Rug cleaning Price depends on Size & Condition
Dry Carpet CleaningOld PriceNew Price
Lounge (12×12 feet) £47 £29
Dining room (12×12 feet) £47 £25
Through Lounge (28×12 feet) £74 £51
Hallway (10x4 feet) £25 £15
Staircase (Up to 14 steps) £49 £29
Bedroom (10×10 feet) £25 £23
Bedroom (15×15 feet) £39 £34
Bedroom (20×20 feet) £44 £38
Rug cleaning Prices depend on Size & Condition
Upholstery Steam Cleaning
Armchair £ 20
Two-seated Sofa £ 33
Three-seated Sofa £ 39
Sofa by seat £ 13
Office chair £ 4
Dinning chairs £ 7
Dry Upholstery Cleaning
Armchair £ 47
Two-seated Sofa £ 66
Three-seated Sofa £ 78
Sofa by seat £ 26
Dinning chairs £ 26
Steam Curtains & Mattresses
Half length pair of curtains £ 19
Full length pair of curtains £ 24
Mattress £ 21
Dry Curtains & Mattresses
Half length pair of curtains £ 66
Full length pair of curtains £ 99
Mattress £ 35
Additional ServicesPrice per roomPrice per seat
Scotchgard £ 16 £ 10
(Protection against stains and liquids)
Insecticide £ 7 £ 3
(Kills and deters flying and crawling insects)