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Here is where we need to tell you that most of our customers come to us after being recommended by other customers. Our professional cleaning company in London receives 95% positive feedback on the services we offer. Below, you can read randomly chosen opinions left by our customers. Do not hesitate to leave your personal feedback, too! We appreciate your statement – whether negative, or positive.

Reviewed by Keith Patterson on Nov 25, 2015

As letting agents, speed and convenience are of the essence for us. Being able to set up cleaning for all floors and upholstery too is very useful. We use Carpets Please because we know we can count on getting our work done quickly and without fuss. The results are impressive, once or twice the cleaners have managed to salvage carpets that we thought were stained beyond repair.

Reviewed by Mrs C Hodge on Oct 8, 2015

I've been very happy with the work done by Carpets Please. I recommend then to all my friends and they've also been delighted with the great results and low prices offered by the company.

Reviewed by Mrs Kathy Barker on Sep 11, 2015

Great work done on my carpets, by a very friendly and professional cleaner. As he feared, the stain on the lounge carpet hasn't totally gone, but it is much less obvious than it was and by moving some furniture around I've managed to hide the worst of it. The bedrooms look great....I couldn't believe the colour of the water that came out...scary to think we were sleeping with all that dirt around us.

Reviewed by Jared Sursbury on Jul 13, 2015

I've been using cleaning services ever since I got out of Uni and I have to say that this one has got to be the best one yet. I am so satisfied with their cleaning that I am thinking of using them permanently.

Reviewed by Josh Flanegen on Feb 3, 2015

If you are looking to get a great deal and still have you home spotless, use Carpets Please. My personal experience with them has been outstanding and I cannot express how satisfied I am.

Reviewed by Samantha Horring on Nov 5, 2014

For 3 years now I've been using this cleaning service and I have to say, they are getting better and better each time. Fully recommend their carpet and upholstery cleaning, you can go wrong there.

Reviewed by Katelin Jones on Jun 18, 2014

As a first time client I cannot be happier with how the cleaning went. They approached the cleaning very professionally and were able to remove any trace of smoke from our drapes. They didn't even have to take them down, it was amazing.

Reviewed by Terry Gollow on Mar 3, 2014

For a small company these guys sure clean like a conglomerate. I was astounded at how fast and well they clean, no trace of the stain or its smell and the discolorations on the other side of the sofa were gone too, they definitely get my seal of approval.

Reviewed by Frank Patel on Dec 10, 2013

They have an outstanding cleaning crew, It's been wonderful coming back home to a completely clean living room and hallway, no trace of muddy dog paws or hair on the furniture, I will definitely book them again soon.