Expert upholstery cleaning in London

upholsterycleaningLooking for a decent alternative for effective and risk-free cleaning? What about if we have an alternative that will definitely suit your needs and budget? Well, opt for our expert upholstery cleaning service in London. Get top results ever and preserve the beautiful furniture in your home, your office or private building. Our service is available for the domestic and commercial purpose. We guarantee you all of the following bonuses:

  • Eco-friendly detergents and tools – provided by the company
  • Low-cost and fixed rates, no hidden fees
  • Flexible payment methods: cards, cash and etc
  • Free surveys available on website

We accept different types furniture and we have numerous of methods to choose from the best one especially for your furniture. For further information, please, do not hesitate to contact our kind customer support representatives. Just dial this phone number 020 3404 6460  to make an inquiry, order or to ask a question!

Upholstery cleaning methods and approaches

As an experienced expert in hygiene, Carpets Please has composed a detailed formula for the right approach to different furniture types. Due to the big abundance of materials and designs, the motivated and enthusiastic team of experts can meat there is no universal method we apply. On the contrary, depending on the surface we can provide you a various alternative for high-quality results, as well as proper combinations of procedures. See what we do, when it comes to upholstery cleaning in London:

  • Inspecting the upholstery and pre-treatment, if needed
  • Stain removal with testing of the detergent in advance
  • Vacuuming, decent hovering, and dusting. We can also apply some powder for disinfection

Hot water extraction or steam upholstery cleaning is recommended for manufactured and synthetic items. This is a very deep and thorough cleaning with maximum impact against bacteria and dust inside the fibers.

  • Dry cleaning remedy – spray or powders – are applied on more delicate materials like suede, wool, linen and etc
  • Leather foam cleaning + rejuvenating procedures for genuine leather
  • Applying conditioner for softness improvement
  • Special product application for brightening the colors
  • Deodorizing effect is organic and upon request

Our cleaning service is the best option for you

You might be a skeptic to professional upholstery cleaning services and it is understandable. Many people are misinformed about the big benefits the expert furniture maintenance provides. Indeed, it is cheaper to clean with a material at hands, but it is also riskier and less effective. Some upholstery might be damaged by the ordinary all-purpose cleaners.

Others might shrink or tear when water is involved. On the other side, by using our sophisticated service, you can be confident that the right detergent will be applied and the right procedure will be appointed. Our detergents are much safer and 100% environment-friendly. Plus – besides cleaning, we improve the look of the furniture by making it softer and brighter as it has been just brought out of the store!

Make a reservation for the upholstery cleaners in London!

Carpets Please has a big enough team of gifted and well-trained cleaners. We can send you London upholstery cleaning team 365 days per year with no exceptions for the weekends or the national holidays. Get a free quote now! And if you need more details about our trustworthy services, contact our consultants. Our  020 3404 6460 hot line is available for customers at any time!